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    For the last two decades, the pink ribbon has been an unmistakable symbol for solidarity and support of women in all stages of their journey with breast cancer. Since 2007 we have been adding ribbons to our ribbon wall, and each year it grows when displayed at Pink in the Park: last year, we added 250 ribbons, and this year we expect to have at least 400! This online gallery of ribbons is available year-round to honor or remember women touched by cancer.


    Whether you or a loved one are undergoing treatment (or celebrating remission), or are remembering the life of another, a pink ribbon shows undeniable support for the cause. Create a ribbon for our gallery of fighters and survivors, in honor or in memory, and be sure to share a photo and story for others to see.


    Your ribbon will join the others in this ever-growing online wall. Share your ribbon with your friends on Facebook, to raise awareness of the impact of breast cancer, and to encourage them to create their own ribbons.