Monday 24th of November 2014

Do you struggle with constant lower back pain? Spine pain doesn’t have to be a lifelong problem. We offer a variety of non-surgical pain relieving spinal procedures such as epidural injections, nerve blocks, discograms and more. Take the time to learn more about our spine imaging and injections. […]

Friday 21st of November 2014

Did you know Greensboro Imaging has four convenient locations? To learn more, take a virtual tour or make an appointment at the most suitable location for your needs, visit #imaging […]

Thursday 20th of November 2014

Today is The Great American Smokeout! The American Cancer Society encourages smokers to use today to make a plan to quit smoking. By quitting, even for one day, smokers will be taking an important step toward a healthier life–one that can lead to reducing the risk of cancer. For more information about The Great American Smokeout or to find resources to help […]

Wednesday 19th of November 2014

Men care about their skin, too! Guys, check out these tips from Men’s Fitness for better skin. #HealthySkinSkincare 101: Do’s and Don’ts for Better Skinwww.mensfitness.comFollow these 10 tips to get clearer and younger-looking skin in 4 weeks. […]

Tuesday 18th of November 2014

A new study shows that consuming high levels of caffeine very quickly can cause negative health effects, called caffeine intoxication. Those effects can include nausea, high blood pressure and heart palpitations. Some deaths have even been linked to energy drink consumption. Read this article from TIME to better understand why health officials are concerned […]

Monday 17th of November 2014

It’s National Take a Hike Day! Staying active and exercising regularly can reduce your risk of cancer and other diseases. At Greensboro Imaging, we encourage our patients to lead healthy lifestyles. Use this opportunity to get some fresh air and rejuvenate your body. #TakeAHike […]

Friday 14th of November 2014

Today is World Diabetes Day. Did you know that 29.1 million people in the United States have diabetes? It is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States. To prevent Diabetes and spread awareness about this disease, visit #WorldDiabetesDay […]

Thursday 13th of November 2014

#TBT Ultrasounds date back to 1826 when Swiss physicist Daniel Colladon used the physics of ultrasound technology to determine the speed of sound underwater. Since then, technology has advanced immensely. Greensboro Imaging offers our patients the highest quality equipment, including our ultrasound scanning and sonography that can examine the body’s internal […]

Wednesday 12th of November 2014

The FDA has approved an adaptation to the current standard of MRI scanning that allows patients with pacemakers to undergo full body MRI scans. This technology is a great accomplishment for the imaging field. Read the latest here: #MRI #imaging […]